2018 Summer Camps

Summer is an exciting time at LaGrange Piano and More! Check out the awesome camps you can be apart of this summer!

Ukulele Camp

June 11th – 14th | 10a – 12p
Ages 6+  |  $100/Camper

Ready to make music on your own portable instrument? Join the ukulele craze at Ukulele Camp! Led by Ms. Becky, Ukulele Camp will introduce campers to the world of ukulele! Campers will spend time learning chords, simple melodies, strum patterns, tuning, music, and games. When camp is done they will be ready to serenade friends and family at home, at the park, or around the campfire!

Young Composers Camp

June 18th – 21st | 10a – 12p
Ages 6+   |  $90/Camper

This camp is designed to get budding composers started on their own compositions! Ms. Becky and the campers will use basic theory, different styles of music, and games to discover how to create their own music! At the end of the week, they will have a chance to show-off their finished pieces for their fans (parents, siblings, friends!)  Campers must already have a background in music in order to attend.

Chord Camp

June 25th – 28th | 10a – 11:30a
Ages 10+  |  $90/Camper

Unlock the world of music and gain the freedom to play all your favorite songs quickly and effortlessly with chords! If you’re tired of reading music, want to do your own covers of favorite pop or rock songs, or just join the praise team join Ms. Allie at Chord Camp!
**Chord Camp is for upper elementary ages and teens who already have a background in music**

Art Camp

July 11th – 13th | 9a – 12p
Ages 6+  |  $100/Camper

Led by Leah Watts, campers will explore art history and make several projects each day. REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 2nd with a special introductory offer during spring break!

Drama Camp -- SOLD OUT

July 16th – 20th | 9a – 1p
Ages 6+  |  $110/Camper

Campers will be introduced to the world of theater and learn character development, auditioning, voice and diction, costuming, set design, and more all while preparing a show to perform at the end of the week! REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 2nd with a special Spring Break discount!

Tiny Tunes

July 23rd – 26th | 10a – 11:30a
Ages 4 – 5 (must be potty trained)  |  $90

This camp is designed for 4-5 year-olds to explore the world of music with Ms. Allie! Through theory, games, crafts, and lots of hands-on activities they’ll learn about different composers, rhythms, note reading, a few piano songs, and more! REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 2nd with a special Spring Break discount!

Bach to Basics

June 4th – 7th | 10a – 12:00p
Ages 6 – 12  |  On Sale! $85

Join us for a fun intro to music! Learn rhythms at the piano, note readings, and several simple tunes. Taught through lots of fun games and activities.