Okay, the month of March has flown by, but in spite of how busy both I, and all my students have been, several students managed to squeeze in some great accomplishments. Here’s a quick rundown:
Paisley, 13, is finishing level 5 of Faber Piano Adventures. Since she’s interested in majoring in music in college we’re about to get very serious with classical music and theory. A big job, but something she’ll not only be able to tackle, but master.
Nicholas, 10, finished level 2B and has moved into 3A…but since he’s let me know how much he loves the Beatles we’ve also been spending a lot of time working on songs from the stack of Beatles’ music he’s been bringing to his lessons.
Will, 10, not only completed level 3B and moved onto level 4, but he also played all of Fur Elise with both hands this month! We still have some rough patches to work out, but overall, its sounding good!
Samantha, 9, started level 2B and is getting ready to catch up with her sister.
James, 12, has mastered the second page of Fur Elise, hands together, and it was pretty close to being the best I’ve ever heard that page.
I’ve been wanting to spend a lot of time outside in this gorgeous weather, but if your allergies have been driving you inside try spending some of that extra indoors time practicing. Also, we will be not be having lessons the week of April 1st due to spring break. Enjoy your time off and I’ll see everyone again the week of April 8th.