It’s summer at the piano studio!

As we move away from a very structured school year and into the freedom of summer I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your efforts this past spring. Some highlights this past spring were:

  • Learning to become efficient at practicing with our Wanted in the Wild West practice incentive
  • Our spring recital…featured beginning and advanced students playing everything from classical music to pop music with almost 100 family and friends in attendance
  • Re-inforcing our understanding of major and minor pentascales with the very fun “Misadventures of Agent Major and Professor Pentascalius”

Here is a sneak peek of some things we will be focusing on during the summer:13310593_827544237376270_5202450186518484215_n

  • Reinforcing our understanding of Middle C and Treble C position with “It Smells Like Treble” starring Maxwell A. Skunk
  • Completing five different piano “adventures” with Cami the Camel
  • Celebrating what we learned over the summer with a pizza and piano party at the end of July for all students in the studio.

I very much understand that summer is a busy, happy time for both children and adults. I’ve planned summer in the studio to allow them to shore up students’ basic piano knowledge in fun ways that will give them confidence and pride in the progress they have made in piano heading into the fall.

I know family vacations and summer camps will be happening over the next two months so please don’t forget to let me know when you’ll be out of town!